At Cathcart Roofing we pride ourselves in our quality of work, and quality of service. We know that your home can mean a lot to you. That is why we are proud to offer the very best building improvement, repair and maintenance in Bothwell. We have been proudly servicing homes across Bothwell and Glasgow for the last 15 years, and have built a reputation for quality work that doesn’t break the bank. So if you are looking to improve your guttering or roof drainage, freshen up your home with a new external coat of paint, then Cathcart Roofing is for you.

At Cathcart Roofing we understand that your home is important. That is why we offer a premium service to all our clients in Bothwell and around Glasgow. We pride ourselves on being a professional, local business, with the skills and experience necessary to produce a level of work that you will be satisfied with. We can help you with any external renovations or improvements that you may require.

Our building improvement services include- uPVC guttering, piping and cladding; gutter repairs; down pipes; as well as fascias and soffits. All our gutting work is completed to the highest professional standard, leaving you with a finish that you can be satisfied with. This important work will help to protect your home from the rain and elements, ensuring that your home can withstand the harsh Scottish weather. These drainage solutions will help to improve water flow from any roof in Bothwell, weather it be a private or commercial property.

We can also help to update the look and feel of your home by providing rough casting and external paintwork. Not only will this leave you home looking great, but it will also increase the market value of your home. So if you are looking to sell or lease your property, why not try some rough casting or external paintwork? We can also install Velux Windows to create a lighter and brighter feel to any room. These are a perfect addition to any converted attic or loft in Bothwell.

To book our building improvements services for any property in Bothwell then please get in touch. You can do this by filling out the form on the contact page on our website, or by calling us on 0141 620 3808 or 07787 130 957. Alternatively you can email us on