Roofs are an important feature on residential and commercial properties alike. Not only do they keep you warm and dry (a well needed service, and not always an easy in Scotland!), they also provide your building with structure and support. I think we can all agree that a home without a roof is not a great idea, especially not in Scotland! But these important features often get overlooked when it comes to looking after your home. We can take great pride in the interiors of our homes, making sure they are in good condition and are presentable. But when was the last time that you gave your roof that little bit of TLC that it deserves?

So why does roof maintenance matter?

Well your roof is the first line of defence between your home and the elements. It keeps you protected from rain, sleet, snow, wind and anything else that the Scottish weather can throw at you. But because your roof is constantly exposed to the elements, it can be one of the most vulnerable parts of your house. Every day your roof is at risk of deterioration and decay, which can put your roof, and your valuables below, at risk.

One of the biggest and most obvious reasons for maintaining your roof is a financial one. If you leave your roof unchecked and unmaintained you’ll eventually have to replace your whole roof. This is very expensive and could end up being the most expensive repair to your whole house. Not only is this expensive, but also very disruptive to your home and family life. However, with regular, small repairs, you will save yourself and your family a lot of money and hassle in the long-run. So next time your roof springs a leak, consider a repair instead of just catching the drip in a bucket, you’ll thank yourself in the long-run!

A well maintained roof not only will save you money, but will also help your house to maintain its value. You know what’s worse than having a house with a faulty/leaky roof? Buying a house with one! House hunters are going to be looking in every nook and cranny to see what the true value of your home is. If they see a leaky roof they will instantly devalue your home as they know that a faulty roof can be a costly repair. A well maintained roof, on the other hand, can be a selling point.

Your roof may also be costing you money. You see faulty or badly maintained roof can keep heat in in the summer, and it can also lose heat in the winter. This will mean that you’ll have to spend extra money heating your home, causing you to overspend tens or hundreds of pounds every month. If you are doing routine maintenance on your roof this will allow you to keep an eye on it and identify any areas where you could improve. This will allow you to keep up to date on any faults and cracks and keep you roof in ship shape condition.

So regular roof maintenance matters. At Cathcart roofing we pride ourselves in our high-quality roof maintenance. Our professional and friendly staff are on hand to give you the best quality results, at an affordable cost. For more information please get in touch. You can do this on the contact us form on our website. Alternatively you can phone us on 07787 130 957 or email us at